In class two weeks ago, someone said that all religions are true.  He stated that since morality is defined individually, and religion defines morality, all religions are equally true.

For this post, I will not deal with the topic of morality and whether it is objective or subjective, though my next post will start to confront the topic of morality.   Through this post, I hope to show evidence that all religions can not be true.

In pluralism, all belief systems equally are valid and everybody gets to experience their own heaven, if you will.  The Muslim goes to paradise while the diligent Hindu takes the final steps towards Nirvana.  In pluralism, everyone wins, and there is an absence of hell and eternal punishment.  I think this view is popular because it allows minds to not fret over an absolute morality.

When I examine this further, I see one fatal flaw in this mindset: claims of religions contradict one another.

Christianity claims that the Roman government crucified Jesus, resulting in his death, and that he rose from the dead  (Romans 1:4).  Muslims claim that no one murdered Jesus (Sura 4:157-158).

Hindus believe that one is reincarnated upon death, re-birthed into a new form determined by karma while atheists believe that one ceases to exist upon death.

In the above examples, both persuasions cannot be true.  One can be true or both can be false.  There is no logical way to say that the above views are not mutually exclusive.

So, what is the true religion?  The one that the supreme being (or a body of supreme beings) says to be true.  In the case of atheism, no true religion exists (For this post, I will assume that atheism is not true since the article would have to address two entirely different issues.  I will deal with atheism in future blogs).

If the celestial beings say that we ought not eat cows because our honored relatives become cows, then that would be a part of the true religion.  However, the infinite being cannot issue decrees that contradict one another.  He cannot say “one must not fell trees” and then say “one ought fell five trees a day.”  That would be incoherent, showing that the perfect being to be logically imperfect, making him cease to be perfect.

In short, religion is a lot more like a game than a buffet.  In a buffet, one gets to meander and selectively decide what will be consumed, while games possess  a system of operations that can be completed properly or not.  When we treat religion like a buffet, no one plate is better than another.  Conversely, when religion is likened to a game, we see that a procedure can be broken, resulting in an illegal result.

The title of this post is a math equation.  If we follow the rules of math, we get the result of X=4.  We do not get to decide what X is for us.  Also, if someone got the result X=8, we could show them the proper complete the equation.

So, when we compare life to a game, there are rules crafted by a rule maker.  In the courts, there are laws made by lawmakers.  In everything except personal opinion, there is  right and wrong.  Religion can not fall under personal taste because it is a system of should and should nots.

What do you think?  Are all religions equally true or are some better than others?






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