My Favorite Defenders


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You are in class when a classmate says something along the lines of “Allah and the God of the Bible are the same God.”  You know this is obviously not the case, but how do you refute this claim?

What happens when someone says that morality is relative?  How do you respond?

When I come across an issue that I am unfamiliar with or am unable to answer, I go home and do some homework.

I do not just Google the topic that I am interested in, I have come across some organizations that have brilliant minds defending Christian values.  Allow me to share those that I venerate the most, in no particular order.

  • William Lane Craig possesses one of the greatest Christian minds of the 21st century.  His work deals mostly with cosmology.  He is not an astrophysicist but rather a philosopher whose main claim is that everything that has a beginning has a cause, the universe had a beginning, therefore, it has a cause.  His writing is straightforward, however; the topics he covers are complex, making his books more than a light read.  My two favorite works of his are On Guard and Reasonable Faith.
  • Lee Strobel was an atheist whose wife became a Christian.  He set out to prove to her that Christianity existed only for the weak-minded and was not intellectual in the least.  After his research to prove his wife wrong, he became a Christian.  His work is easy to grasp and overviews topic central to the Christian message, including contextual criticism, the personhood of Jesus and the resurrection of Jesus.
  • Greg Koukl’s endeavors might be the most practical when used in discussions with friends and classmates.  He attempts to make a case for Christianity by asking questions that reveal the flaws of modern thinkers.  He answers the questions that present the most trouble for conservative minds today, such as abortion, gay marriage, etc.

I will not list all of those whose work I study because this post would almost be infinite in length.  There are two others I must mention before I close: Norman Geisler and Ravi Zacharias.  Both of these men require diligence to listen to or read.  Despite this, their works are fantastic.

Also, all of these have great lectures and debates on YouTube, which are worth the watch.

So, when I get a question or hear a comment that boggles me, I turn to these apologists to assist me in my investigation.

One thing that I never want to do is let these guys do all my thinking for me.  At the end of the day, if my position is held because these men hold the same, then I really have no view of my own.

I encourage you to also think for yourself.  Do your homework and also think of reasons you believe what you do without consulting a book.

Feel free to post any defenders that you consult regularly.


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